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Services Offered +

SeRvices Offered +

Cara Barth, CTA Certified Life Coach has developed ReDok' Transformation Center as a multi-faceted facility which can meet the needs of individuals as well as any sized group productively and efficiently. With all that is offered, anyone can find a venue of help and encouragement.

Face to Face Life Coach Session:  Pre-arranged meetings can take place in a pre-determined public place. Some clients prefer the concept of a Client to Coach "face to face" session. (Depending on distance for meeting, some travel expenses may be added to client fees)

Telephone Life Coach Session: This is the most common form of Coaching. Many clients prefer the convenience of scheduling their coaching sessions when they can call their Coach. Many take the opportunity for sessions during their lunch break when the baby has nap time when they might be able to sit in a quiet area and focus, the list is endless...


"Micro" Coaching Sessions: Sometimes a Client needs a little "power talk". Clients can email or call to request a 15 minute "micro" session. (Based on the Coaches commitments, there may be a 24 hr. contact time)

Group Coaching Sessions: Coach Barth can bring the coaching experience to "the group". Small groups (generally 10 or less) can have an open forum of a group interaction and focus group. (call or email for more information)

 "Targeted" Topic Group Sessions: Small groups, Organizations, Large Group Events are all conducive for "targeted topic" sessions. Some examples of past topics include:                                 

 "From Tragedy to Triumph, a Community in Grief", 

"Living Gracefully with Uncertainty and Change" 

The "ReDok' Revolution"

Workshops: Workshops can be developed around topics of interest around the "Transitional Grief Cycle". 

"Joyce Meyer - Battlefield of the Mind."

"Hues of Wholeness" - Coloring for Clarity

Healing Touch Sessions: Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing, heart-centered energy therapy that uses gentle, intentional touch (on the body or within the bodies fields) that assists in balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of an individual. Healing Touch assists in creating a coherent and balanced energy field, possibly supporting one's inherent ability to heal. Come to this safe, quiet space where you are embraced by sounds, essential oils and calm...You are worth it!

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